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ARES Introduction-Quality, Speed, Reliability, Security ARES,conveniently located in Shenzhen, China(right next to Hong Kong),has grown from a small prototype and machine shop into a complete manufacturing solution provider. A one-stop-shop for all your product development and manufacturing needs. ARES started with just 3 people, but now we have grown to include hundreds of highly skilled employees with a wealth of knowledge, consistently deliver quality parts to companies large and small. Our dedicated team and experience, combined with the utilization of the latest technologies and techniques enables us to excel in providing a large range of manufacturing services to our diverse and highly satisfied customer base. business model, and we remain centered on delivering for our customers. As ARES has grown we have maintained our vision and continued to invest in people and technology.Our steady, yet rapid growth has culminated this year with the opening of a brand new, multi-million USD, 12,000 sqm high tech facility. We fuse the engineering know how and the customer centered culture of the west with the resourcefulness and tenacity of China. Being a western managed company in China we feel we bridge the often daunting gap between two worlds and uniquely combine the best of both. Trust in ARES to be a global partner and reliable solution provider for your project and production needs.ARES Factory-New 12,000 sqm, 6 Storey Facility 2016 sees the opening of our brand new, high tech and modern 6 storey, 12,000 sqm facility with adjacent living quarters. This new facility will allow us to consolidate our existing locations into one central product development and manufacturing hub. With our new facility up and running we are also expanding both our capacity and technological diversity with the addition of new equipment and departments.Our sales representative and engineer team has more experiences, we are working hard and offering good services in the whole process from offering,technology discussion, quality control, delivery, quality complaints and finding solution for happening in the project of rapid prototyping, 3D printing, mold, CNC precision machining, CNC sheet metal and die casting.Our customers come from all over the world, some use us for prototyping, some use us for production and some use us as a one-stop-shop for all their product development needs. Whether you come to us at the development, prototype, tooling or production phase of your project we have the solutions in place to ensure your project is a success.ARES Vision To be a trusted partner and solution provider for our clients and to be at the forefront of our industry globally. We believe that if we invest in people(both employees and customers) then together we will find success. Our employees are the power driving our machines and the solutions to every obstacle we face. Our customers are the reason we open the doors every day, they are the compass driving all our decisions. Together we can accomplish anything.To enable our customers to lead their industries with the help of our reliable, high quality, customer oriented services. It starts with our core western business values of honesty, integrity, commitment and trust paired with our intrinsic Chinese values of family, industry and hard work.
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Loại hình kinh doanh
Nhà sản xuất, Công ty Thương mại
Quốc gia / Khu vực
Guangdong, China
Sản phẩm chínhTổng số nhân viên
11 - 50 People
Tổng doanh thu hàng năm
US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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CNC Milling & Turning Machines
Mitsubishi 4 Axis CNC Machine
3D printing machine
UnionTech SLA
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Below 1,000 square meters
Địa điểm nhà máy
DEFG, 19/F, Ruijun Business Building, Central Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
Số dây chuyền sản xuất
Sản xuất theo hợp đồng
OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered
Giá trị sản lượng hàng năm
US$10 Million - US$50 Million

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Less than 5 People